A non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to sustaining and improving the quality of life for our elderly citizens. Reach us at 407.790.1948.

This time should be the golden years of their lives. Sadly though, that is not the case for many senior citizens. Too often, our seniors face real challenges as they continue to age.

Getting around becomes a problem. Performing household chores becomes a monumental challenge. Simple upkeep of a home and yard is hard work for anyone but to a senior it can become too much to do. Just eating a proper meal becomes difficult.

That is why Lake Mary Police Officer Zach Hudson founded the Seniors Intervention Group (SIG). As a first contact for seniors, he recognized that many seniors he visited have real needs.

Officer Hudson works tirelessly to bring businesses, faith-based organizations and volunteers together. They work on fulfilling the needs of the elderly when they simply are not capable of helping themselves.

How It Works

  1. A need is often reported by law enforcement or fire and rescue officers, but any senior in need can contact SIG by calling us at 407.790.1948.
  2. SIG evaluates the need and determines what type of service is needed. It can be as small as taking a pet to the vet or as large as a roof replacement.
  3. Once the need is determined, SIG contacts its Community Partners or taps into its Local Volunteer Network. We work with 15 faith-based organizations and more than 25 Community Partners who will help us fulfill a need. 

You Can Help!

The Seniors Intervention Group (SIG) has assisted almost 1,000 Seniors since it was founded in 2009. Each year, SIG hosts annual Christmas parties to make sure that every Senior has a Christmas meal and a present. This takes time, costs money, and requires volunteers with a variety of skills.

If you can volunteer, please do so.

If you can't, please take a moment and donate. No matter how small or large, over 95% of every dollar SIG receives goes directly to helping our seniors. Help Us Help Seniors.