The Seniors Intervention Group (SIG) is dedicated to sustaining and improving the quality of life for our growing senior population in Seminole County, Florida.

Our goal is to help seniors aged 60 years and up who aren’t able to help themselves. From lending a hand with yard work to driving someone to their doctors appointment, or painting a senior’s fence, we are a group of helpful volunteers who want to make life easier for the seniors in Seminole County.  SIG is a partnership between local faith-based organizations, first-responders, and other non-profit organizations.

Services Provided to Seniors

  • Minor Home Repair
  • Emergency Support (auxiliary) for 55+ communities
  • Basic Social Services
  • Education and Informative Seminars
  • Small Food Pantry
  • Assistance with Power Bill Payments
  • Seasonal Yard Cleaning
  • Assistance with Medicare / Medicaid applications
  • Assistance with VA benefits and applications
  • Helping Seniors transition into Assisted Living

Volunteer for the Seniors Intervention Group

We are always looking for volunteer help from the community.
Volunteer positions include:

  • Answering Phones
  • Data Entry
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Drivers
  • Handyman
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • People who LOVE working with seniors

Visit our Volunteer Page to learn more about volunteering with the Seniors Intervention Group.

SIG Community Partners

Nationally, there are 11,000 people a day turning 65. Imagine the possibilities and the impact you can have on our growing senior population by partnering with the Seniors Intervention Group.

Seniors Intervention and Group and you, working together, can change the lives of seniors, one person at a time.

Visit our Partners page to see how your organization can help, and to see a list of our Partner Organizations.